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Louisville Plumbing, Heating is one of Kentucky’s only family owned and operated Jefferson County plumbing, heating, drain cleaning, cooling and plumbing repair companies, proudly serving Louisville for 40 years! One might think our plumbers “fix broken pipes and furnaces,” but the reality is at Louisville Plumbing Heating we help people. For 40 years we’ve been helping people with our plumbing, heating and  HVAC expertise. We solve issues and ensure our customers are always safe in their homes. We achieve this by providing top notch service – the kind of service that has earned our company a more than 60% repeat customer ratio. We aim to build trust and rapport even before service begins with an e-mail photo and a short bio about the service technician scheduled to visit a customer’s home. We operate extended hours 7 days a week, which in most cases, alleviates the need for emergency calls and overtime rates.  This rapid response – a greater than 96% on-time service record – to service requests has endeared us to more than 150,000 loyal residential customers. Our Louisville plumbers are the best in the region.

Our Clean Trucks are Fully Stocked

Our bright trucks are a trusted symbol of the professionalism and service expected of us. The trucks are always fully stocked, which allows our technicians to complete your repair without having to run out for tools and supplies. See a 360 degree view of the inside of our one of our many trucks in the Louisville area.